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Methodological communication


As of June 1, 2023, we are setting up the following GameBOX training settings on the CZECH.UP JukeBOX platform in accordance with the plan:

On May 17, 2023, the GameBOX educational plan was discussed at a seminar organized by NARA-SK with the Student Parliament in Zvolen. We defined and publicly recalled the following changes for a period of 3 months so that the support community created here could start and, at the same time, the methodology system of the CZECH.UP platform.

  1. Methodologists:
    a. The owner of the CZECH.UP JukeBOX platform, Panatec, became the internal certification authority for the CZECH.UP JukeBOX platform at the same time. He established that the methodologist for the Czech Republic is also the leader of the group of methodologists on the platform. There will always be one methodologist in each national environment. The goal of this measure is to set a high level of quality and, at the same time, a high throughput of topics and feedback for the development team.
    The presentation, communication, and reports are ensured, or approved, by a specific national methodology. No one is authorized to carry out these activities without written confirmation for a specific event, presentation, or article.

    b. Denisa Uhlířová (CZECH.UP) became the head of the CZECH.UP JukeBOX methodologist team and methodologist for the Czech Republic, and Denisa Záchenská (NARA-SK) became the methodologist for Slovakia. Both went through preparation and at the same time, their abilities were verified by conducting a seminar with the student parliament on 17.5.2023 in Zvolen.

    c. Methodists approve all media communication and work with platform users. They are responsible for the correct use of visuals, platform functionalities, and business models with bonuses of verified partners, especially those who offer active participation in their activities and projects.

  2. Temporary setup of LP GameBOX on the CZECH.UP JukeBOX platform:
    a. The community is now being activated for LP GameBOX (and CyberBOX). It is again related to the seminar on May 17, 2023 in Zvolen and the NEK international conference on May 18. in Košice.

    Some artifacts are intentionally set in the environment to allow further use of the training – for example, for public commenting. Among them are, for example, the basic appearance of the interface, the unbalanced valuation of assets, and some others that I do not want to reveal here. In this use, reminding individuals or teams to look for such places in training, communicate them, and propose their more appropriate form. In addition to this use, each LP CZECH.UP JukeBOX has other possibilities. It turns out that this systematic process of working in a group with defined roles contributes to the training of the team’s work, perhaps more than the use of situations in the game plan of the LP. It is one of the areas on which we will probably conduct a sociological investigation as part of the project or cooperation with the school.

    c. Based on the results of the work with the representatives of the emerging community, it was agreed, based on a jointly commented procedure, that the entry knowledge threshold for training will be significantly reduced for the specified period. This sets the priority to make it easier for the community to understand the game scenario, at the expense of the complexity of the rating and also to simplify the content:
    1. Scoring is now set so that points, which are the primary scoring element, are now awarded for the ability to complete a round rather than the scale of achieving a specific task. So now it is enough for the trainer to have enough resources (EURO) for his reaction.
    2. We simplify the content to cyber security topics at the expense of team collaboration. Cooperation and communication of the team can already be started on a preferred topic in this period.

  3. Methodical descriptions will be more integrated into the training course so that the passage is natural without the need to study the documentation. The same applies to cooperation with organized groups, where the role of a written guide was replaced by a live methodical – see 1. It was very against the meaning of digitization when we supplied the trainees with many texts and, simultaneously, got closer to gamification game standards.

  4. The community is also concerned with the sustainability of the platform and the LPs (courses) themselves. It has confirmed the correctness of the author to create the platform independently and with his funds and to make the platform license available to partners for the duration of the project, provided that the partner works according to the rules and contracts at all times and especially does not grossly violate these agreements. The use of platform licenses after the end of the project depends on the further cooperation of a specific partner on the creation of additional content, joint projects, and activities within the partnership or membership in CZECH.UP.


We wish the emerging community around CZECH.UP JukeBOX and the courses much joy from working in a pleasant and cooperative team. We believe that we have the potential to influence education and competency management systems significantly, and we are very dedicated to the quality of the group, the platform, and the courses.


Posted: 31/5/2023 Ing Pavel Nácovský, author of CZECH.UP JukeBOX, GameBOX, and CyberBOX.