A gamified knowledge program using artificial intelligence supporting adult entrepreneurship

Seminar CZECH.UP JukeBOX with the Youth Parliament Zvolen

The event was organized by Denisa Záchenská, a member of the CyberBOX development team co-financed through Erasmus+ from the EU. CyberBOX is an LP (course) created on the gamification platform CZECH.UP JukeBOX, which is owned by Panatec s.r.o. and manages the open association for innovations CZECH.UP. CZECH.UP’s partner in Slovakia is NARA-SK.

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Change in logging into Game.BOX

Today, Microsoft has unplanned changed some SW functionalities that we use. We are trying to respond to this by changing the code. So we need some time for the new version and to test it. At this time, the GameBOX cannot be accessed by default and the login system does not work. Thank you for your understanding.

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